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Our Company

ENGLISH NOWADAYS started in 2003 as a Language Teaching Center and in 2010 it became a translation and interpretation agency. Since then, new services such as Multilingual marketing, Multilingual Real Estate Representation, Multilingual subtitling, and Multilingual Tourism guiding have been added to the portfolio.

With 10 years in the market, we are providing translation services into more than 60 language pairs to private and public entities in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.

Our commitment

ENGLISH NOWADAYS is committed to providing the highest quality translation around the world at a competitive price. All our resources are native, have extensive experience, and commit themselves to each assigned project.


Our Official and standard translation services are provided entirely by a solid team of professional translators, editors, and reviewers. They have gone through an exhaustive training and knowledge test before onboarding.

Regardless of the volume of the project, our translation department is always prepared to work diligently to meet all translation needs requested by our clients.

Type of documents

  • Sworn translations (contracts, certificates, trade agreements)
  • Financial statements, manuals, technical and patents
  • Marketing Material
  • Business reports
  • Articles for journals and newspapers
  • Commercial and private correspondence.
  • Proofreading, glossaries, and styles.
  • Translation and transcription of video and audio tapes


Our interpretation services are provided by a suitable pool of professionals in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

  • Those assigned to simultaneous interpretation are highly skilled in every area of knowledge: semantics, vocabulary, registration, and exact tone for the public.
  • Our consecutive interpreters are highly trained and specialized in different areas. They are able to convey the exact language meaning to the room.


Our Interest

Approve Quality Service

We concentrate on acceptable and approve quality which refers to:

  • Accurate (reflects the meaning correctly)
  • Effective (has the intended effect on the reader)
  • Appropriate (meets project parameters)

Fair Rates

Our Project Managers commit themselves to put together a service package that could meet your needs based on the service, volume, language and urgency.


Reaching out

Tell us which is the best means of communication to reach you best. Your PM is always in contact to keep you up to date about the progress.


Customer Satisfaction

customers are with a company’s products, services or experience. Customer satisfaction consists of a customer’s perceived quality, value and expectations of your company and what you offer.


Meet Our Resources

They are our representives in Europe, Asia and Latin America


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